Research+Practice Collaboratory

Understanding How Education Leaders Plan for Improvement: Identifying Opportunities to Enhance School Success Planning

Latrice Marianno
Role: Researcher
Organization: University of Delaware

Project Description:

School improvement and addressing educational equity are two critically important functions for school leaders and leadership teams. Yet, there isn’t much information or guidance about how these activities could be integrated in practice. Through this project, I hope to learn from school, district, and state leaders about the school improvement planning process and how it might be leveraged to address educational equity. State, district, and school leaders (including leadership teams) will be asked to participate in interviews, to grant permission for the researcher to observe school improvement planning meetings, and to share artifacts from the planning process (e.g. tools, plans, data). Findings of this work can be used to help leaders to reframe school improvement and identify opportunities to adapt improvement planning processes to achieve equity goals.