Postsecondary Future Selves


Postsecondary future selves is what youth conceptualize as possible, likely, and expected for their immediate postsecondary school lives given three domains:


i.e., postsecondary education, be it through advanced vocational training or 2- or 4-year colleges or universities


i.e., occupation and post-college employment trajectory


i.e., expected financial stability, relational and familial prospects, future living arrangements, happiness, and joy

Explore the Lessons:

Vision: Students will think broadly and boldly about their future 5 years from now.

Influences: Students will explore the powerful influences at work in their lives that can cause them to set limits, or defy them.

Alignment: Students will determine how the three Cs of their imagined future selves work together to become a reality.

About This Project:

Dr. Roderick Carey (HDFS) was joined by Anthony Phillps, pre-college success manager for TeenSHARP, and Dawn Clarke, RTI coordinator and AVID teacher at Newark High School, in efforts to build knowledge and awareness of how to support the college aspirations of Black and Latino boys. Informed by Dr. Carey’s series of articles between 2016 and 2019, the team designed resources that address assumptions and challenge narratives about expectations and aspirations.                         

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